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Season 2 MatchDIA ZERVAThe Iron MaidenHT: 5’5WT: 135 lbsSeason record (2-0)Lifetime album (10-1)HOLLIEThe AmazonHT: 5’7WT: 145 lbsSeason record (2-0)Lifetime album (7-7)Dia Zerva is your current lousy ass Champion of all Ultimate Surrender, she has adapted her skills to this sport and today she looks unbeatable. She went on to acquire the title easily and destroyed The Dragon by 1600pts in a year’s tournament. This former Marine enjoys this game and is on very top of the game.Hollie Stevens is a 6 year veteran and among the greatest, strongest women on the the roster. She’s currently ranked 5th and can be undefeated this year. Her legs are devastating, her decision to acquire unmatched, this girl awakens to lose.The Champion proved why she is the number one ranked wrestler for season 8. She powered Hollie in each way. She had in Hollie the entire match, palms. Hollie was helpless, humiliated and beaten to the mat. On Hollie’s credit she’d score some points, but Dia was too much for your Amazon to handle.One thing Dia loves is viciously fucking and when we say brutally, we mean it! Hollie is fucked into the mat like a rag doll. Dia brings the dick, the pain and the embarrassment down to Hollie. After Dia utilizes her like a humping 20, the loser is left moaning in the mat as a slut.

From: Ultimatesurrender.com
Date: April 15, 2019
Category: Strapon

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