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Toby, Goddess Dava Fox’s neighbor, was caught looking in her window as she played with herself. He was embarrassed by his tiny cocky size, so she put a collar around him and laughed at her crush. Mistress Kylie comes over to help him lay down by the pool, and Goddess Dava has already started making the poor cocky boy worship the feet of her. She sees him on his knees, worshiping the Goddesses’ feet. Toby was then instructed to wipe every drop of liquid from his mouth. The Goddess Dava sends Toby to make drinks for Kylie and her. Kylie, Mistress of the House is unable to believe everything she has heard from Dava. How will I meet him?” Dava snaps her fingers and shouts “ohhh Toby!” He arrives naked in a pink collar with two glasses of wine. He takes the wine and hands it to Dava. Kylie, Mistress Kylie, laughs and requests permission to use him for some things. He is a teasing little boy that she stretches her legs and takes his fingers. Breathe in the goddess’s essence. Is that what you would like to do? The pathetic, cucky Toby said “yes”. You don’t have the right to lick my genitals, but you do get the privilege.” They make Toby kiss Kylie and then worship her beautiful legs. Every inch. After that, the women bounce him between them and then they place him between them on their knees. This is the place men belong. They serve their superiors on their knees.”

From: subbyhubby
Date: July 21, 2022
Category: Feet

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