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Casey Everett is back at KinkMen to receive the full treatment by Sebastian Keys. Casey knows what heAs up to, but it is not clear until heAs tied and gagged with both arms exposed. Sebastian jumps in to help his willing, hungry subject. Casey’s muscles flex as Sebastian crouchs, taps, rubs, torments, and flogs Casey in a calm, consistent voice. Sebastian understands that you don’t need to shout at your sub or make him feel inferior to achieve what you desire, especially with Casey. Casey is all about control and confidence, which he displays with great ease. SebastianA looks at Casey like a puppy looking for his punishment. Sebastian turns Casey and peels off his pants, showing his full muscle. Feeling how eager and hot that is, he teases Casey’s hole using a gloved hand. Casey isn’t yet able to feel the satisfaction of being fucked. Sebastian inserts an electrified plug into the hole, and turns up the power. Casey, tormented and tickled by the current, twists and moans as he bonds with him. Sebastian continues to flog Casey, tenderizing both his muscles and his hard back while he does the same. Casey is turned around and he plays with his stiffening arm. Sebastian alternates between giving pain to Casey and rewarding him with pleasure. Casey’s excitement is evident in his eyes. Casey is placed in full suspension. He’s blindfolded and has his arms behind him. Sebastian takes off his gloves and starts to smack his sub. He exposes his legs, back, and ass. Casey has two electrified tens unit strapped to the right of his foot. Sebastian tickles the left so that he can have electricity tickling the one side and zapping the other. Sebastian grabs CaseyA’s hard cock and puts it in his mouth. He orders his sub to get it down before it gets into CaseyA. When SebastianA is ready to have a good time, CaseyA pulls CaseyA to his side and pounds the thing in. Sebastian controls CaseyA and keeps him fully controlled. CaseyA fucks him deep and hard, his stunned exhale clearly evident in each of CaseyA’s heavy grunts. Finally, Casey gets a spider gag fitted to him, which is covered with clamps. He is then made to cum and jerk while Sebastian crops his delicate cock. Casey is then placed on his back, and he slides Casey’s dick through the spider gag. He then fires off his hot loads straight into his open throat.

From: boundgods
Date: August 20, 2022
Category: General

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