Accident While Being Arrested –


Alisha, who is being held in handcuffs because she was arrested for a crime that is already humiliating, has a wet accident with her pants after being placed in handcuffs.

Alisha, who is seen wandering around at night suspiciously, is approached by Nikko. He demands to know her whereabouts. NikkoaEUR ™, growing suspicious of Alisha’s inability to answer straight, places her under arrest.

Alisha, unbeknownst to Nikko at that time, is determined to pee. Alisha soon poop in her pants shortly after being placed in handcuffs. The wet stain can be seen on her legs and in her stomach. Nikko is stunned. Alisha is helped out of wet jeans by Nikko, who gives us a glimpse at her blue soaked panties. Alisha, who is still wet from her urine, is taken to prison.

From: hdwetting
Date: September 16, 2022
Category: Pissing

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