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That cute slut in your cube has a secret: She enjoys black cock. Alana Rains comes to people out of Anytown, USA with a sparkle in her eye and a wish to be the largest black cock slut at the world. Alanas entrance into the public restroom can only indicate that its not under her and areas to see. Alanas lovely eyes take in a toilet that is dirty, the vile sights of the location: graffiti on the walls and a smell that will go away. Her attention turns into an black penis which enters the party. In selecting her next course of actions alana wastes little time – . The horny slut bends over and sucks black cock like shes bobbing for apples.The next thing with this interracial menu will be for Alana Rains to find a RAW interracial fucking courtesy of their black man from the opposite side of the wall. Alanas pussy feels a cock’s entire anger theres a few times larger than shes used to. When the tights pussys power causes him to erupt all inside that creamy hole the fucking finishes.

Date: March 8, 2019
Stars: Alana Rains
Category: Teen

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