Alice Bell –


I have had it up to here with my boyfriend. That idle piece of shit can not get up this for me no matter what I do or wear. He has zero stamina and he would rather spend Sundays watching guys run after a chunk then fuck me like the little white whore I am. I finally had to carry him to a sex therapist and his remedy was to get my boyfriend to watch me get pounded by some meaty black dick. I’ve always been a lover of interracial pornography and envied the women in them and now I got the opportunity to undertake sticks. My man loves me so he saw me to get my just desserts and sat there like a bitch. Take a look at what I wore and I beg you not to find tough but he can’t and that pushes me fucking crazy! I eventually fulfilled Doctor Tone and Dr. Cuntree and my prescription for interracial intercourse was soon satisfied. I could substance people thick dicks down my throat and was treated like the slut I am. I sucked one dick as another slammed me from behind. Cuckold Boy, along with paying for this session, yank on the jizz. He means well but it is a shame! . . .read longer

Date: March 18, 2020
Stars: Alice Bell
Category: Fetish

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