Alisha Pees in White Panties –


Alisha is fearful that when she hears herself someone may see her. To safeguard her modesty, she decides to leave her panties on and pee through them instead.This movie shoots us out into the terrific outdoors with Alisha. She’s wearing a t-shirt, pants, and underwear underneath. Needing to pee, Alisha is going to squat in some bushes, but worries that it might be possible for someone. Unwilling to risk ruining her private parts to a stranger, she decides to leave her underwear while she pees. Wetting her underwear is a little price to pay for modesty.We get to see as Alisha pulls down her pants, showing her plain white panties. Squatting down she proceeds to pee through her panties. As she proceeds to urine a stream there is no wonder that she badly needed to go. Eventually, her flow dwindles to just a trickle comes to a conclusion. We then get to view a second replay of the wetting, this time in slow motion taken from a camera underneath her.Finally, when she is done , she pulls her pants back up over her wet panties. She admits this was a error, as her wet panties soaks through wetting her pants. Along with her fur vacant, she reflects on what comes to the conclusion the time she needs to try to find somewhere more private and not try to pee through her panties and exactly transpired.

Date: November 17, 2019
Category: Pissing

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