Almost Caught: The Final Time –

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Horny milf Kendra James is back in action as she prepares for a different birthday with all the family. Regardless of the love for her children, Kendra can’t stand the likes of her sons to be Kimmy Granger and can say and do whatever to get their union . She requires a few backup requesting her step daughter Veronica Vain to join the celebration and become acquainted with the newest edition to your family members and hopefully ruin any of Kimmys fantasies of being a part of it!At the dinner table, the household celebrates Kendras birthday nonetheless Kimmy becomes spiteful after watching Veronica and Kendra kiss goodbye. Kimmy catches her husband and kisses him too, knowing this disgusts her mother-in-law. Kendra drops her fork under the table and also in shock, finds Kimmy playing with her pussy through her panties. Her son gets up to watch some television so Kendra thinks fast and blatantly drops wine within Kimmys dress. Kimmy is down right pissed off and knows Kendra did it on purpose, but Kendra uses her charm to convince Kimmy to remove her dress and provide Kendra a birthday present they can indulge in.Kimmy refuses to participate in any of Kendras lesbian aspirations and will not submit to her needs like Veronica however Kendra insists that everybody has a little lesbianism in their hearts, dying to emerge. She predicts Kimmy out to her masturbation under the desk and knows that she was horny from seeing her and Veronica kiss as Kendra gets down on her knees to lick and finger her chicks pussy. Kimmy understands she wants Kendras kid to figure out but can’t resist getting her pussy eaten out by her mum reaching orgasmic heights till her husband calls to her. The girls sneak away just in time and continue their lesbian adventure beneath and above the dinning room table loving glorious tribbing and phenomenal finger fucking moments from being caught!

Date: June 7, 2019
Category: Face sitting

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