Amber Rayne –


I hope my miniature bum looks good enough to get a bunch of black men who have nothing to lose. My girlfriends introduced me to the power of dick and served up at a Interracial Blowbang buffet. Why exactly am I doing this? The race was shit on for the whore that is humanitarian and centuries in me believes that this needs to finish. Blacks are called niggers, coons, and even porch monkeys but today you can call them”Amber Raynes Black Jizz Soldiers”. I came in and let my mouth do the speaking after hearing Tone Capone buzz about his dealings with Whitey. Than I have one after another I squeezed the cock. I got more than I bargained with this day although im as big a sex slave as much as the white woman. Brothas’ brood made mincemeat of the fuck hole like I was bent over a trash can. Nothing got me prepared to the hosing of goo I obtained although I knew I’d find a downfall of jizz that was black. I see cock anywhere I go since my retinas were fully covered with it but that might be.

Date: October 23, 2019
Category: Fetish

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