Anal Criminal Minds –


Ariel X is still a professional Interrogation officer. She’s been brought in to get a confession out of Leya Falcon. There is evidence showing that a crime that is severe has been committed by Leya Falcon and Ariel will arrive at the rosy bottom of the. Leya is a distressed person and Ariel plays this . Ariel Knows that if she can get Leya she’ll let out a confession. Ariel understands that Leya sniffs Leyas asshole in order to receive her turned enough for bigger things and has a weakness for Anal orgasm therefore Ariel licks. Stretches Leyas and ariel palms asshole out. Asshole gets stuffed with tongues and fingers and even an fist. Ariel reaches deep to Leyas asshole, so far up she strikes Leyas G spot and Leya cums over and over again. Ariel has found that so that she slides all the way to a long slink into Leyas asshole Leya appears to like things deep in to her ass. Too poor for Ariel who Leya isnt close enough to confession. Shes going to milk this for all shes got and shes planning to make Ariel do some real soul searching. Ariel Seems to be turning into a pervert. Leya Falcon’s mind has outsmarted the interrogator and soon Ariel finds herself doing things to please Leya. Ariel gets a giant strap-on cock and fucks Leya. Ariel X makes Leya lick and tease her asshole also puts her hot ass right on top of Leyas nose. Nothing seems to have getting through to Leya. Shes too mad to tame. So Ariel needs to get Leyas asshole to stay open in a gape to try and find some answers from Leya. Ariel Gets a speculum wide open in Leyas asshole and now we Begin to view

Date: September 6, 2019
Stars: Ariel X / Leya Falcon
Category: Lezdom

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