Andy San Dimas – Control Is.. –


In scene one, Andy is wrapped to a kneeling framework that is x. A tight tight leather posture collar and top have been wrapped around neck and her head. Claire and Andy face mask add water together . You suffocate, if you suck in air too fast. Control is essential. She’s stripped of her clothing, well most of it… and then her agony begins. Clothespins are placed all over her body. A vibrator is added to distract her from her discomfort and then the clothespins are removed using the tail. Andy gets completed with a comprehensive cunt fucking. Andy is jump on a perch of types. She’s extremely elastic in the buttocks, so her feet attached to her chest and are bound with leather straps. Her legs are pulled open. She is able to struggle as far as she desires but there is no escape. There never is escape from Device Bondage. Clamps are all attached to her pussy and it is pulled in a quadrant. Andy enjoys the enjoyment and the pain will be intensified with a company chained to thighs and her buttocks. She cums long, hard, and heavy. Her breath is restricted via the breathing tube and her shouts echo through the room. Finally she is bound on the dining desk. The hook that is pussy yields and is tied into Andy’s hair making Andy elevate into an arch. Andy is contested with a throat fucking and face slapping session. Her face beams with all the joy from the pain and the climaxes are the most intense of the afternoon. Welcome back Andy. We missed the cunt.

Date: September 12, 2019
Category: Submission

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