Aralyn Barra –


Aralyn….sounds like a title to get a white queen from one of these dream epic pictures. This Aralyn really is a queen allright, casing tell you in the event that you request her…”‘m the queen of all whores, am a horrible, cum-guzzling, black dick slut….Im disgusting!” We get to see precisely how disgusting she is willing as we match up her with the black bull Joaquim, who is likely to pound her snowy butthole to be! Dogfart supplies the proper homage to the queen of whores, she gets to enjoy his favorite new bunny, the Dogfart mini-bukkake, in which her grandeur at the ass is going to probably be interrupted by random black cum-dumpers, who will simply leap in and pump her mouth filled with the gooey sperm treats when she tried it. Joaquim steps in and its just like watching 2 animals fucking as he slaps her tits jams his bull dick down her throat, and she gags and takes it all! As the scene progresses, it becomes evident that this is one very slutty bitch, along with the cum-dumpers combine in and turn into a gangbang! She get it from every angle, and keeps on ticking. Then its time for some serious asshole! She spreads it wide for Joaquims anaconda as he slithers right up and goes her anus. She sucks on her ass juice and loves the ass2mouth! Then they line up and move to cover her tongue by using their DNA samples. Shes begging to get more from every shooter that steps up and functions her, as she says,”that I wish to drink the black baby juice!” She gets pounded the queen of all whores as the previous blaster canals her head and her mouth, and leaves her looking like a refugee from a spooge factory!

Date: November 8, 2019
Stars: Aralynn Barra
Category: Fetish

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