Aria our Sexy Vampire Slayer –

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Aria Giovanni our Sexy Vampire Slayer is back to show you a thing or 2. She is dressed for activity from head to toe in her black gown and stages on, to not over look she cums strapped along with her shinning amour, a large silver cross around her throat. She has her hair twice as a lady, wanting to give us that look that is innocent, but all of us know better than that as her sexiness just cums oozing out. She starts to play , lifting her leg high above her head and massaging her pussy and crawls then she rolls over onto her stomach for foot play and a tiny shoe. She reaches back catching the heals of her plats and pulls them up towards her buttocks, stroking and massaging them because she checks out them from beneath. She squats down and gave her pussy a rub and she then stood and unzipped her gown, revealing her big secret weapons which she had tucked manner. Aria lifted up her dress off behind caressing down her ass and legs to her toes and then she laid down and gradually slipped her sneakers off, providing them a long sniff. She lifted her wrists above her head distributing them before putting them all the way down on the 38, massaging her feet and then rubbing against her ass all over. Aria awakened and set the bottoms of her feet together and started playing with her feet, sticking her hands in between and wiggling her toes, prepared for anything that might cum her manner.

Date: October 25, 2018
Stars: Aria Giovanni
Category: Foot fetish

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