Aromas And Arches –

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Raven-tressed Fiva and blond Rose explore the potential of the adorable Czech peds now frisky and lively as they lounge around in underwear and their sneakers. They begin by squeezing their colorful trainers massaging their soles together fitting before then worshipping their feet — removing those socks , inhaling their aromas, moving on the primary event. Submerge yourself into kinky imagery par excellence as you see both women lick and suck toes deeply, with all Rose lapping at Fiva’s dimensions 7.5 arches and Fiva slipping her pierced tongue from the spaces between Rose’s dimensions 6 beauties. Fiva gloms onto the feet of Rose, leaning back so that Rose can play at the end with her lips and then slurping toe just like the cock of it. Do not overlook this foot fetish experience!

Date: April 15, 2019
Stars: Rose
Category: Lick & Suck

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