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Season Seven MatchASHLEYThe FairyHT: 5’1WT: 95 lbsSeason album (0-2)Lifetime record (0-2)Ranked 17thKRISSY LYNNThe CripplerHT: 5’3WT: 128lbsSeason album (0-2)Lifetime record (0-2)Ranked 9thLittle Ashley Jane might be tiny but she’s stubborn. This small ball of sexy never gives up, never gives in. Should you give her one second to think she will charge you enjoy a bull and then knock your shit over. She still needs experience, however, the desire to fight and win is strong with this one.Krissy Lynn and her DD’s come all back. This woman might be the strongest girl on the roster. Her conditioning is about level with the top . However, her experience is seriously lacking. Just time on the mat can mend this issue.Little Ashely Jane could not conquer the huge drawback of size and weight. Giving 2 inches and 30 pounds Ashely never had a chance. That doesn’t mean she rolled over and played dead. Krissy had her hands full, however the big girl won the day.Little Ashly gets brutally fucked and designed to to lick the winner’s pussy till she cums. After getting your ass kicked it’s really humiliating to have to lick on the winner to climax but that really is Ultimate Surrender!

Date: June 7, 2019
Category: Strapon

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