My friend QT Pie believes she is that. She’s constantly putting me down, so critciizing me. Obviously she asserts all the insults are for my own good. We pull into my yard and my buddy Alexandria Star opens . While she is bantering back and on Alexandria catches the bitch and I ask QT to get something from my brow and shoves a rag. QT fights but I hold her closely while Alex wraps layers of vet wrap her head round and around. I pull QT big tits and rope up her wrists cinching them . I leave her hands free because intense & it;so much fun to watch her flapping these about. Alexandria shoves her tits in QT´s confront blowing smoke into her nose . I give QT a tight crotch rope hiking her dress up and yanking the rope up in between her pussy lips and ass cheeks. Bad thing she&severe;s no match to our team that is dual. I bind her knees to create her much more helpless and rope her black stiletto boots. Because I shove MILF QT into the trunk of my 18, there you go I tell her. Awwww she crying and & severe; s moaning beneath her tight toenails. The pathetic little thing proceeds to wiggle and fight but acute & she;s squeezed into the confines of the back!!! We finish off the bitch with a hogtie and drive off to leave . Guess Miss QT Pie won´t even be insulting me anymore!!!!

Date: July 21, 2020
Category: General porn

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