Brandi Edwards –


I had my doubts about Brandi Edwards at first. I didnt think shed be upward to the Throated challenge. After all, shes only 95 pounds and pushing that cock down her small throat went to be a true test of her slurp skills. When she began sucking on his penis and it poked that I could observe an imprint of the head, I wondered if she was really going in order to take it down her throat. I had nothing. The gauntlet ran bobbing up and down to his lettuce like a rabbit. Can she take it all the way inside her stomach? You bet! And she smiles as if she knows she only won the lottery and appears at the camera with those blue eyes beaming when she can. She has won the hearts of throat enthusiasts everywhere!She might be tiny, but she investigates cock like a big woman, although she hasnt! **Monique**

Date: November 14, 2019
Category: Blowjob

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