Breaking The Barriers –


Shes only turned 18, and is completely new to anything grownup — not even taken nude photographs before! We start with an interview, see how shy she’s… and gradually have her strip naked for the first time. Shes never actually masturbated in her own life, only used to having sex, so we start off her with all the Eroscillator vibrator. Surprising even herself, she ends up having an orgasm rather quickly, with some very robust & visible vaginal contractions! Then she tries out the Long Pink dildo, using its vibration on… she ends up fucking herself challenging, and almost has yet a different orgasm. Notice how her toes curl up as she gets completely into it. Then we become extreme closeups of her private parts, while still she pulls her labia and spreads. Just a little experimentation ends up having her butt, then looking out for the FTV Dragon Toy! She hardly gets the head , and a bit deeper while riding it on top. Its the greatest thing shes ever had in her! Masturbating after more, she has another powerful orgasm with her vaginal contractions seen up close. Notice how milky wet she gets all of the time, dripping wet juices into the ground! She then lays on her sexiest dress & heels, also while we’re shooting, she continues to trickle wet juices, constantly on to the tile. She begins fingering herself, listen to those hot sounds inside! Subsequently she shows off her pretty ass, and Kalila the helper massages her buttocks, then begins fingering her deep… anally! Her perky little breasts get some nipple play also. A little her hymen still exists, sticking from her vagina, and Kalila pulls and plays it. To finish off for the afternoon, she tries a banana — fucking herself rather difficult, and her wet insides allowing the banana slip into and out smoothly. Surprisingly, she seems to get off onto it, using it as a hot toy for a while. So many new adventures for her, this quiet, shy girl learns a good deal of things about her sexual character — a Total First Time Video Girl.

Date: September 30, 2020
Stars: Leia
Category: Fetish

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