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NO MODEL WAS HURT OR INJURED IN THE FILMING OF THIS SCENE.Welcome Elise Graves into Hogtied. This girl is really a player; the true thing. She loves BDSM, she really adores submitting, and The Williams is her second favourite person in the whole world.It’s difficult to write this shoot description and do it justice, even critically. This take is that good. Elise is sexy: with her hard body, her huge nipples and her multi-orgasmic pussy, this girl rocks this scene.It begins simple enough – bound to a seat. How bad can that be? In the event the Williams has you bound in a seat, it’s time to begin worrying, since bad things are coming. The clothes will be cut off and suction cups are placed on her already huge nipples. A ring gag is placed in, preventing her from consuming easily and keeping her hot mouth open. We expose her wet shaved pussy, and also include a rope to pull her out of the seat, severely arching her spine. Then we get mean.Her monster nipples are tied and stripped, a enormous weight is inserted into her pretty neck and she feels that the shadow. Then we create this woman cum. Not just any orgasms, but some of the most extreme orgasms we have ever ripped out of a helpless human body and we do not stop. We make this girl shout, and we all imply SCREAM, as she is forced to cum repeatedly!

Date: January 11, 2019
Stars: Elise Graves
Category: Submission

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