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Holly is an adult model and stripper hailing from Manchester, England. She has done quite a few bondage shoots at the past couple of years, and she really enjoys bondage. She has discovered that Cyd has been”somewhat frightening,” but she claims she isn’t nervous. . .yet. Once she’s in her first greuling position, however, her eyes seem to tell another story.Cyd makes her first extreme position only a little more extreme by preventing virtually all motion she may have with chains and a super tight ballgag. Her face shows the stress her body is experiencing. Holly’s eyes grow as Cyd threatens to attack her pubic hair. With a set of pliers he plucks at the small hairs, making Holly yell and whimper. Drool pours out within her ballgag. She’s possibly a little more nervous today than she’d expected herself to be.All of this bondage is intense, and Holly’s anguish is so very apparent. Yet whenever she’s the pain becomes irrelevant, and she howls like a crazy creature, bucking furiously. Her eyes become fuzzy because she gives into the pleasure.

From: Devicebondage.com
Date: March 26, 2019
Stars: Holly Wellin
Category: Submission

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