Buzzed –

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Her wrists and ankles cuffed, Lavender shuffles at a circle in the silo, hooded – lost. stands a rope around her throat in the barn after she has had plenty of time to time. He tapes her face and whips her until Lavender gets him hard and takes his cock. After some thigh-fucking and cocksucking, she is jump in a hogtie that was strangling. Tied standing again, PD lashes one knee up to her shoulder and then fucks the”dirty cocksucking slut” out from beneath. Sitting her down, he jacking himself and canes her, ties her other knee with her shoulder. He even vibrates and fucks lavendar because she comes three occasions. Lavender’s buzzed. She says she wants to leave the plantation.

Date: May 15, 2019
Category: Bondage

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