Bella could &severe;t feel what had been happening to her, and she believed she had been calling a craigslist ad for a mild housekeeping postion but during the interview with me things started to get strange. Bella tried to create excuses to escape but I maintained to have a cup of tea. Bella didn&extreme;t wish to be impolite so she drank the tea and that has been the last thing she recalls until today. Bella is totally helpless as I XXXX her to hop in her stiletto heels in to a warehouse. Bella attempts to scream and reason together with me but her mouth is stuffed tight with an outdated foul tasting rag along with her entire head is coated in silver duct tape. The duct tape covers her mind leaving only her eyes and nose uncovered just like a ski hood. She can&severe;t even go her arms or hands but can sense them pressed up against each other behind her backagain. Her hands are in tight balls using duct tape entirely covering them so her hands are completely futile for her. The duct tape has been wrapped up her arms out of her wrists to above her wrists, fusing her arms thoroughly with her back and then completely covered in duct tape. Her slim legs are also totally mummified from her legs to just below her buttocks cheeks with only her knees exposed so that she can bend her legs slightly. Drenched in sweat Bella is XXXX I want to jump along to a mat where she’s pushed down on her stomach. Stripped right down to her pantyhose, lingerie and panties heels bad Bella is in my mercy. I grope and XXXX my helpless man and pull her off her sneakers and tickles the bottoms of her nylon covered feet. Then I grabs a different roll of duct tape also to Bella&intense;s dismay that I start to wrap up her feet in the tape also. Bella yells and yells into her gag but I am in my own little world and that I treat poor Bella as something less then individual. I remember mentioning her husband and I inform bad Bella that if my husband comes the fun will start. Bella can&severe;t move and can only sob and cry helplessly on the ground while I have my way with her. Then Bella hears my husband come in and he seems very pleased with his crazy wife´s newest prize. He grabs tape and I help him cut the tape off Bella&extreme;s arms hammering her wrists and forarms but leaving her hands helplessly balled and taped. We overpower the poor woman and my husband pulls Bella&severe;s hands up to her shoulders and begins to wrap tape around her wrists . This time her wrists are separate from each other but as helpless as her arms are folded and taped up from her wrists to her wrists and biceps. Once both arms are folded and taped up he pulls her wrists together behind her back and starts to tape them together. Bella sobs and cries because her elbows have been all wrenched together and wrapped up in tape. Then he lays a pub under her elbows and against her back and proceeds to wrap tape across her chest and arms hammering the bar to her back and pinning her arms to the bar. He yannks her toes up as near her jutted elbows because the tight tape onto her legs allows and then hogties her from her toes to her elbows. Bella lays on the mats completely immoblizied and praying that the nightmare will end, but we aren´t finished with her. Demented Jim Hunter attaches the pub behind her back to a chain we pull from and overhear pulley my perverted man pulls poor Bella up on her knee points. I scatter the winch on the wall until Bella is encouraged on her knee issues by the bar and string. My husband removes his hands from her body and bad Bella hangs off the ground with just her knees onto the ground. Then I tell her the poor blonde I have a special surprise to her. I leave for a minute and returns with a hitachi wand vibrator. We cut Bella&intense;s pantyhose away above the tape to expose her panties and then tape the hitachi wand vibrator into her pussy. I turn on the vibrator and we see for a little as Bella´s body starts to spasm. We depart Bella totally saturated in sweat now but she is &intense;t move a muscle along with the damn vibrator is starting to turn her on dispite the brutal tape bondage and her dread. Bella can only hang there helpless while the vibrator functions on her pussy praying that her nightmare will end.

Date: August 13, 2019
Category: General porn

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