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Our sexy adult physical exercise model suffers at a brutal Category 5 neck suspension. Her shaved wet pussy. Bound between two articles, her arms stretched out, Ariel X find herself in a position. Her ankles pulled up and are bound to her neck. She rests on a box, so we can torment her with a pussy flogging along with canes. We attack the delicate soles of her feet together with the cane that is harsh. Her strength is of no use to her as she cries out in pain with every hit that is brutal. Is suffer the punishment. Then we flog her wet shaved pussy and she suffers. On the edge of breaking, we switch tactics. Jam 3 hands up her pussy and within seconds Ariel is cumming and squirting! We drip her squirt in her mouth and continue our assault. The vibrator makes her cum, then the fingers make her squirt back and forth. We tease and she moans. Reduced into a cumming, squirt system this women is reduced. We choose to let her endure and get tired of her begging. We pull on the rope that’s bound between ankles and neck and Ariel X finds herself at a Category 5 suspension that is brutal. How long can her muscles hold out before she passes out…

Date: December 7, 2018
Category: Bondage

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