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El Storm is about a visit in Europe and backpacking across the continent in the wintertime is occasionally comfortable. Storm decides its best to look at a hotel early in the day to take a burden. Therefore its time to slide into something more comfortable the hotel room is a massive change. Storm finds her butterfly vibrator concealed inside her bag. Remembering all of the adventures she had in the previous country with her toy, the more nostalgia gets the best of her own and she knows its time. Her shirt rolls . Her fingers slip under her purple panties, and she begins to rub against her shaved pussy. She inserts her fingers in herself raising the amount of her normal lubricant. She pushes the massive purple toy deep into her hot pussy between her thighs, and flips for improved access to her hole. Since the pleasure builds and assembles, Storms breath gets shorter as she begins to fuck the dildo in one place, pulling and pushing her body up and down, riding the butterfly dildo. After moving on her back, she starts experiencing wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. The time has found that Storm is warm inside, a temperature after her travels!

Date: February 1, 2020
Stars: El Storm
Category: Brunette

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