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Jamies soccer team has had a loss and also he is mad at his staff and himself. Hes in the locker area bummed about another loss when his Coach Fernando walks and notices he is still pissed off in this game. Jamie complaining and is currently undressing to the trainer however he moans into his trainer Fernando is checking him out from behind. He is called by the trainer over and gives him a big hug for some relaxation. Fernandos hands gradually move Jamies back down and then he catches his round ass. Startled Jamie is not sure what to think of this and measures back. Him reassures that it’ll be fine and so Jamie over the seat bends and spreads his buttocks wide and begins to suck on his tight hot hole. Jamie has never been with a man let alone been fucked by a single but his trainer Fernando will take it easy for his hole that is little that is tight. From sucking cock to getting his buttocks is pounded by a rock hard dick in a couple of positions jamie loves every second of it. At the end they leave joyful and this game’s loss is forgotten.

Date: November 17, 2019
Category: Oral

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