Courtney Fox –


The journey Courtney Fox took from the therapists office is a intriguing one. She was having trouble sleeping if it was disclosed that her black boyfriend was sticking on his member into white girls’ vulvas. Similar to Tiger Woods there would be a girl might be a long one or maybe never. Instead of spending a great deal of cash on psychiatric meds she can get a prescription for a day with all their meanest and crudest white boys about ( not counting the 1986 Boston Celtics). She first had to get dressed down into an outfit that will shock even the biggest whores on Hollywood Boulevard then discard be ready to dine on over 8 ft of dick. She moved down to the row as though she were an Ethiopian at a buffet and we couldnt be happier. It wasnt too long before this dark sexpot was bent and then we took turns beating her pussy that is black like we were made money by it. She screamed, pleaded and begged for penis that was white and we were happy to oblige. The finale watched her carrying dose after dose of white goo and you could inform her pain has been lifter with each. I have a feeling shes lost hope however, her holes are available for cracker penis.

Date: February 9, 2020
Stars: Courtney Fox
Category: Fetish

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