Creep Catcher Part 6 –


The final scene of the series’ six-part series. Miss XI sees a creep peering through her window. HeaEUR(tm), the next thing you know, is locked inside her house, on her trampled floor. HeaEUR(tm), now that she’s got him in a corner so to speak. She needs to see her at least once per week to experience her madistic desires. This scene shows her having the creep sit on her bed and she on his head. He laughs and says, “I love smothering your to keep my stomach warm and you still quiet.” aEURoeIt allows you to stop and think about the wife who is out there fucking other guys.

He finally allows her to let him breathe. But she only lets him do so for one second before she lands on his head. XI is disgusted by this creep, and she laughs at her small penis. She then leans forward to give him a severe neck-scissor. The creep starts coughing and turns purple. XI presses him more before she pushes back onto her face. The only reason that you have a wife is because youaEUR ™ are richaEURXI says to him. She continues to smother him and block his mouth and nose with her hands. The creep says, finally exhausted: aEURoeDad wanted me to become a priest. TheyaEUR(tm), would probably gather a bunch and cream pie him. AEUR XI sits down on his face and, while he breathes, tells him that she modified his will to allow her and her husband to live in luxury with young, passionate lovers each day. Your days are over.

Date: September 16, 2022
Category: Cumshot

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