Lexi Lane lies in a really strict hogtie on the ground. Her elbows, wrists and torso are tied and her wrists are fused entirely together. The rope between her ankles and wrists is very, very, very short – that the bondage is so merciless. She&intense;s been stripped her down and wears just her dirty socks. My captive Lexi has tried so many times to stop smoking – but she hasn&severe;t really been successful however. I come into the area with her smokes and explain to her that I know she&extreme;s been smoking about the sneak and I will assist her to quit smoking now. I just take a cigarette from the pack put it in to her mouth and light it. I take a second cigarette and do exactly the same. I then put the 2 smokes deep to both nostrils. Now Lexi may smoke the cigarettes through her mouth. Lexi panics and smokes fall out so that I stick them back up her nose. After about a moment I see that everything is going too simple for her because Lexi is breathing through her mouth. I remove the smokes from her nose and then peel off her filthy sweaty socks shoving them into her mouth and wrap her mind with duct tape. Then I catch some lean twine and bind her big feet tightly together. Lexi moans and cries when I show a head . I place it upon her head and attach the twine into the ring on your head harness. I put the smoke back to her nose and Lexi starts to cough and choke. The 2 cigarettes are put deep into the woman ´s nose and she attempts to hold her breath so I catch her nose and pinch it shut forcing her to smoke. The cigarettes fall from her nose when she coughs and I laugh as I remind my helpless prey which I&intense;m only trying to help her quit smoking. I force them back into her nose and observe her panic shaking her head to get out them. She&extreme;s really freaking out and the tears run down her face. I realize it’s becoming too much for her and that my strategy worked – now she&extreme;s prepared to give up the horrible habit forever. I take the cigarettes and leave her brutally bound sobbing to her gag.

Date: September 14, 2020
Category: General porn

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