In order to settle my husband & severe; s estate blonde insurance assessor Lylah Ryder is examining my pricey antiques. She won’t give any advice on the value to me and is really uppity. She finds it’s a stolen Renoir masterpiece and gets up very close to one of the paintings. Lylah threatens me when she realizes I’m fencing the stolen art. I will &severe;I press a moist rag voer her face and t possess her intefere with my lucrative side business. The curvy bimbo struggles but the fumes overwhelm her and she drops to the ground. I grab a rope and tie her wrists . I grope her big tits and unbutton her satin blouse. Oh no sweetie, you won’t have anyone explore me. Worth a fortune my artwork that is stolen is Obviously and for you, my fire insurance is the best. I will be richer than ever, if my home just occurs to burn with it. It is much too late for that and she is begging for mercy, although I keep tying up Lylah. I add a tight crotch rope and pull up her skirt over her rounded ass. Awww does this harm missy?? I put Lylah into a hogtie and then bind her legs and wrists. I chased her screams by pushing a large rag deep and hammering it using elastic tape. The blond sobs through her large gag as I tell her I will shortly be igniting the house, but not until I shoot my stolen masterpiece away from the wall. I leave the voluptuous blonde appraiser fighting inside her bondage and appeared like a baby.

Date: September 11, 2019
Category: General porn

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