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I cant tell you how many deadbeat tenants live in my building. I had to finally evict Ice Cold and CJ Wright since they havent paid rent in months. I served them personally since I wanted to see their sad faces as they realized theyd soon be homeless. They were lucky that I had a change of heart and needed big black cock much more than a rent check. Working out a deal with these two black guys wouldnt be difficult since white pussy is a favorite of the black man, especially seasoned milf pussy which this cougar has. After getting them home I got on my knees and wanted to evict some hot black cum all over me, but not without sliding my tight white milf cunt over those shafts. I lost track of time (can you blame me?) and had to get home to get my husbands dinner ready. I let both these two black swordsmen paint my face with interacial cumshots but I still want my rent money. However, Ill never be mad again if its late since Im always looking for an excuse to encounter black cock.

Date: July 24, 2020
Stars: Desi Foxx
Category: Hairy

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