Desperate Pajama Wetting –


Join Alisha inside this sexy pee despair and injury movie as she wets her pajama bottoms and her bed.We find Alisha in the home, sitting on her mattress, and clearly desperate to pee at the beginning of the video. She is currently wearing a black tank top and pajama bottoms. Her bladder achingly full, she crosses her wrists and retains her crotch, struggling not to have an accident. It appears as though she can wet her pants at any given moment, but she chooses to continue for quite a while, her dependence on relief climbing greater with each passing moment.Finally, she’s not able to hold down the flood. She gasps, shocked, as she begins to pee in her pajamas and looses control of her bladder. There is no stopping once she begins peeing. It just keeps comingback Her grey pajama bottoms develop visibly dark with wetness as her bladder empties.After she’s done peeing, she’s left wearing soaked pajama bottoms and sitting in a puddle on the mattress. She takes off her wet clothes and sits up, in the process giving us a chance to view her bottom. She proceeds to masturbate, and sticks down on the moist bedding once she gets out of her pajamas and panties. We get to continue to see her as she rubs her pussy, ultimately having and gratifying orgasm, all the while.

Date: May 18, 2020
Category: Pissing

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