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We’ve got two new faces that week on ExtraBigDicks.com and we wanna give a warm welcome to Windy City indigenous Ricardo Vaughn. The weather is not being missed by convinced this back home as hes chillin in South Florida. Junior Verde, his playmate has been currently taking a respite from the weather having left Akron, OH for a couple of days. Wanting to get a better idea about what makes these boys tick we asked them when they won $1K in the lottery they would invest the money on. Junior will spend it. Ricardo isnt far from that himself admitting hed invest a number of that on sneakers. Shoes are loved by him. So we wondered where the place theyd jerked away was, both these boys are as anticipated. Junior has jacked off from his car and on his terrace it’d be outside for Ricardo. Ricardo has been a late bloomer losing his cherry. Junior was also 18 when he dropped it as for doubts that they all have their very own. Junior wishes it wouldve been with somebody different while Ricardo wishes he wouldnt have been timid. Well there’s no need to be shy now as these two get far much better acquainted.Junior is awaiting Ricardo to get dressed afraid theyre gonna be overdue. Ricardo comes out attempting to pull on his trousers on if Junior realizes hes got a cane in his boxers making it harder to do. Whoa? As he starts to tug Ricardos hard penis junior says. Ricardo grins as he sees Junior explore his growing cock. Junior pulls it and opens wide. He wraps his lips around that thick cock as Ricardo begins to fuck his face. As Junior takes it deep, 9 cock is rock hard. Ricardo climbs upon the chaise where he begins to fuck his throat from above and straddles Juniors head. That thick dick slides as strong as he could as his balls smack away at Juniors chin. Ricardo strips and gets up. As Junior watches his meat get serviced he goes down on Juniors cock. You like that dick? As Ricardo throats his meat, he coos. Before ordering Junior back on his knees to give him longer dick ricardo blows him. He holds his mind and goes back into burying that dick down his throat.Ricardos cock is throbbing and going to want a lot more than a sexy mouth to put off it. Junior is bent by him over until sliding his cock deep into his sexy ass. He starts to fuck him doggy style as Junior struggles to accommodate his dick. Ricardo starts to fuck that ass deep loving the feeling of that hole wrapped around his dick. He bounces him back away at that ass and retains Junior. Ricardo then sticks into the orders and seat Junior to come over and sit on his cock. Junior straddles that hot dick and impales himself. That starving hole is soon full of cock as he sucks this meat. He strokes his own cock as he gets his ass stuffed. Junior rides that cock like a champ and soon hes bucking onto it shoves it deeper and deeper inside him. As Ricardo gets Junior on his back, missionary is following. Because he jacks off his cock quicker and faster legs in the air and a dick up his ass, Junior is put. Ricardos dick is hitting on sweet spot just right and it sends him over the edge. He blows his thick load all over himself as Ricardo fucks him deep. Ricardo then pulls out and stands over Junior shooting his load ALL within our Buckeye.

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Date: December 7, 2018
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