Doing the Taboo! –


My name is Lucy and that is my first point . I should probably start by telling you a little something about myself. I am one of these hot European women that you are always reading about. I have a killer figure with suckable breast and I have large round nipples that are aroused, as well as my round ass that is hot and tight. I love to keep a strip of hair on my pussy not and because I like both being shaved’s feeling. There’s nothing I enjoy playing with myself and more than touching although not everybody knows it. I work at a book shop like you’d believe, but it’s nothing. The shop I work in is different than most specializing in Historical scripts. I am confident you know back at the days it was considered taboo to masturbate or even contact . Reading and thinking about these times all day long always gets me so horny and wet. I typically rush home to play imagining I was straight back touching myself and doing forbidden things and all those naughty that girl weren’t permitted to return in these days. I only got home today. Do you need to cum see me play?

Date: June 26, 2020
Stars: Lucy W.
Category: Striptease

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