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When shes not hitting the gym Dominica is online looking for interracial gloryholes and swingers celebrations. Dominica struck the jackpot every time a recent online investigation discovered this restroom where white women have given testimonials about black cock encounters. She had to see if it was accurate so the next thing she knew, she had been there. Having a pussy filled with juice ( and a purse filled with mace), Dominica spent a while in this gloryhole ahead of the rumors turned into a reality. The lack of proper soap, no toilet paper, and also filth encompassing her faze Dominica after her lips felt that the suggestion of cock. She worked her way down the shaft savoring every minute , and inchthat she could. A good cocksucker is a thoughtful cocksucker so Dominica handled the luckiest black guy on earth to some ferocious stroking. She didnt stop pleasing him and her lucky lottery numbers arrived in the kind of streams of seed.

Date: March 11, 2019
Stars: Dominica
Category: 1 on 1

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