Double Trouble –


Master Aaron takes his queen toy Alex Roman to some dark underground dungeon. As they sit in a corner, Aaron orders his personal servant to please him. Tonight its just not great enough, as great as Alex may know what his master enjoys. What would suit him much more is sharing his toy using Leo Bunny, whos seen both from a space and is clearly enjoying the view.Aaron beckons to Leo who doesnt want any persuasive at all.He immediately pushes his rock hard penis in the submissive boys pit plus mouth.What follows is a hot threesome with plenty of rough fucking and sucking on, building around Alex being twice penetrated.Both masters put their sub on the ground, using him suck both their strong dicks, shooting hot loads of cum that completely pay the boys face.Thats all they desired, they walk off leaving Alex to complete himself off.The boy, therefore hungry for more cock finds himself a stretching toy and rides herself into a climax, shooting his own load far in front of him, splattering all over the concrete floor.This scene has got a particularly dark feeling, resembling a sexual dungeon as good as they come. Cold light beaming through openings and shifting shadows out of a watching audience on the finished plan. Were certain this hot scene will pull at you right in if youre part of this action.

Date: March 23, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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