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This is a personalized made vid (the title Ezra mentioned several times). “The spectacle is both a jerk off & cum eating instruction video. You notify me that you have contacted my girlfriend discussed with her at length in my new job as her cuck cleaning boyfriend. (please mention that you also informed me that I confided in you who I’ve sucked cock and eaten another mans cum.) You teach me to jerk off to my new role. Im told I need to produce a nice load since I want to become accustomed to eating her fans cum (possibly add how should I lick it all up, Ill be allowed to consume her pussy after shes been creampied/shell cure me into a deep kiss after sucking a massive load out of her bull.) As additional encouragement, please reveal your pussy/ass. Inform me that both you and her are so excited about our new relationship and (perhaps contain she told me she already has proposed a gang bang with my friends) maybe I can evolve as her bathroom too if im a great boy. I fantisize that, even though the scene is suspended in embarrassment, the tone is more sensual in nature-there is no need to be harsh. I imagine the mindset being:you and I are completely aware that this is my new fact and I have no option but to gladly oblige.”

Date: June 7, 2019
Category: Masturbation

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