Eat my used condoms –


Mistress Lexis sissy has been begging to serve her and has agreed to take any punishment Lexi dishes out merely to serve her. Lexi surprises the sissy she has been thinking about him. This creates the sissy very happy until Lexi tells him why – she rescue them for your sissy and has been eliminating the used condoms as soon as they fuck. And since some are a week old, they all cum smells totally putrid.With a ring gag firmly in his mouth, then the sissy does not have any option but to absorb the cum out of the first condom. Lexi yells and tells the sissy he is, spitting again and again to his cum. She makes him swallow an increasing number of cum, ordering him to gargle it only for her entertainment. The more the smelling cum is reacted to by the sissy, the more sadistic Lexi becomes, making him beg for much more embarrassment. Lexi leaves him locked in the cage using a face covered in spit and cum, warning him that she is off to fill more condoms for him to”love”

Date: March 26, 2020
Stars: Lexi Sindel
Category: Humiliation

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