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I´ve become the top sales hosiery model for the company for many years. These girls think it&extreme;s so easy to simply waltz into the sport and eventually become top dog. It acute; s exhausting being one upped and needing to compete harder with these girls &. Geez, I´m old enough to be their mother!!! The contender is Sharron Small – a little brunette who completely thinks she is that. She’s really starting to piss me off and displaying. Severe I &;ve heard through the grape vine that she´s fucking each photographer along with the boss to scale the ladder. I hatch a plan to avoid the young brunette slut from arriving at the studio to the huge autumn pantyhose collection. I request Sharron to pick me up and she insists. She shows up already wearing a pair. Immediately Sharron begins boasting about how her legs look in them. Like that&extreme;s insufficient, she insinuates my legs don & acute and that I & acute; m a has been;t look nearly like hers do from the new hose. I apply a rag on her nose and mouth and grab her over the throat. Breath ass!!! Proceed to XXXX Miss Perfect Pantyhose. I bind her wrists behind her back that is miniature, jamming her elbows. Let´s see your small tits, girlie!! Aren&severe;t they just so cute. I remove her stiletto high heels pare down the pantyhose off her shapely legs and bind her ankles up cinching them tightly after restraining her arms. Let´so see that you show off now? I wake her up and show her the pantyhose all balled up and ready to be shoved to her mouth. Acute & she; therefore a one trying to eliminate, but I XXXX her mouth open wide enough to match the nozzle and utilize a leg to complete using a gag. Oh honeydon´Can you look cute showing off the brand-new hose. I believe I&severe ;ll take a few pictures of you all tied up and gagged for the company website. Miss Pantyhose 2013!!! Aren´t you so valuable today I say while I rope her young juicy pussy into a tight crotch rope. The thing attempts to bite at me through her gag so I add layers of duct tape around and around her mind shutting up the bitch. I hogtie her like the pig she is and walk her body ensuring she enjoys that I have the pantyhose legs for the series!! around I roll poor Sharron and laugh at her too bad you&intense;re all tied up and won´t be able to make it I put my show stopping legs in addition to her as a foot break and snap an image. Oh Sharron, this shot is excellent for the business newsletter!!!!

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Date: September 29, 2019
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