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Scene 1Star is encased in pantyhose. Her ankle is folded to her thigh and pantyhose closely bind the leg to itself in an nylon cocoon. A hug that makes people feel helpless – is completely breaking up to our blonde beauty. Leather is included as an extra measure of security. Neck, wrists, and her palms are wrapped in leather and secured to the pub at her buttocks. Her face gets the same treatment. Luckily her tongue is pierced. A jennings gag is added and Claire ties her toungue to her nipple clamps… bitch won’t have an impression now or ever in that predicament. Out comes the cattle and the cane prod. Worked over in her small safe harbor of nylon, and this bitch breaks early on… the perfect state to maintain for her next predicament.Scene 2Star is placed in alloy bilbos and shackles together with her toes and genitals exposed. Her head is wrapped in a breathing controlled latex hood. There’s just a small hole which permits her to get air and push out the air. When she gets over excited, the latex suctions to her face and she has a more difficult time obtaining the air she desires… ideal for torment. Claire grounds goes to the toes following Star, with special attention herself using the violet wand and using the wheel for discomfort. Since Star can not see anything in addition to challenging breathing patterns, Claire uses them to suspend and hold from the dick and clamps Star’s cunt with the clamps from the DB arsenal. Star is subsequently given the greatest in breathing challenges – orgasm matches. She begins asphyxiating herself as she gets turned on and also to the brink of climaxes! HOT!Scene 3We turn up the intensity with Star jump standing in the strap set that is very crystal clear in the last scene. The vibrator/mic stand is drawn out. She couldn’t be more incorrect, although star believes that this is a fun thing. Claire chooses the expression clips also covers the labia of Star with them. She laces them collectively and wraps all of the clamps AROUND that the vibrator. Any motion is debilitating for Star if she cums. Insert an pussy flogging, nipple clamps, as well as caning and we have this bitch in a writing jumble that is sexy, not knowing that is better – cumming or not cumming!

From: Devicebondage.com
Date: September 12, 2019
Stars: Star
Category: Submission

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