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We bring you two claws whose ancestries dates back along similar lines this week. The very first is Maximo Cazzo. Aside from the title, you can imagine theres gotta be a reason why anybody could be termed biggest penis. Well, we’ve got 8 and a half reasons . Maximo sports a 8 and also sometimes 8.5 inch penis. Were certain the boys at San Francisco are lining up to welcome their newest inclusion. Hes generation Lebanese/Italian, and was brought up with the civilization in which his parents were reared. His family migrated throughout the civil war. Add a little Italian for good measure, also we got Maximo. Maximo enjoys it out also its far cry from Detroit where he spent. He spent in the Castro, celebrating the finished turning of the anti-gay amendment. Back in Detroit, wed been calling each other to say Hey we can get married, lets head to California! He laughs. Admittedly, the gays are a little more innovative out West. We have another hottie that brought along to throw into a hot bathroom with Maximo. He goes by the name Jeharrad Lpez. Jeharrad per quarter Lebanese, and also is 22. Weren’t sure which quarter; but he all looks edible. His family also fled the war, but landed in Venezuela. We here in Miami understand about Venezuelan boysso we could imagine Jeharrads retaining the boys in San Diego quite busy. Lets see, two sexy boys, 1 bath, a camera –what else do we need? J By the warmth has our boys half-dressed. Jeharrad is twirling his cock, and Maximo in panties determines to deal with situation. He takes his penis into his mouth and kneels until Jeharrad. Jeharrads cock is fast to react as it grows bigger and bigger. As he moves them back and forth, fucking his mouth with his cock Jeharrads legs are expertly held by maximo. His curiosity is piquing, although his eyes close as he gets vaccinated. He heard about the fantasy and has fulfilled with the man –but needs to taste the Legend. Maximo hauls his cock that is growing and offers it to Jeharrad, who immediately kneels in the shower stall to get at it. Because he bobs his mouth maximo retains the back of his head. Maximo wasnt kidding. Jeharrad takes more and more meat his head thicker and deeper. Jeharrads mouth has Maximo difficult, but Maximos gonna want more than only a mouth to plow. He stands Jeharrad up against the tile wall and goes down to taste Jeharrads buttocks His ass looks like two ideal orbs bouncing atop a single Mediterranean tongue. Maximo laps in Jeharrads tight ass, burying his tongue deep inside. Hmmm, Five Oclock shadow Rides 50 cents.Next thing we see is these two laying side by side, together with Jeharrads leg in the air and Maximos next leg searching for a new residence. He gradually tries to obtain entrance into Jeharrads ass. Little by little, it gives way, letting more and more cock inside. As he tries becoming up his ass, jeharrad retains Maximos meat. As he tries to focus on getting that cock inside him jeharrads face says it all. Maximo changes so he could get in from behind bends and positions Jeharrad over. Holding his waist with a single hand, Maximo begins to fuck our boy slow and stable. His penis is getting in deeper and deeper as Jeharrads ass surrenders to the meat that is large. Maximo retains his cock in the bottom. Maximos, olive-skinned Mediterranean attributes contrast well to Jeharrads , sun-kissed ones that are smooth. Jeharrads had everything he could take until they both sit side by side in the floor to port their own cocks to completion. Jeharrads the first to dismiss , shooting on an outstanding load. While the remainder coat the floor beneath his jet shoots clear round the toilet. As he pushes out his own thick nut within his trail maximo follows suit.

Date: December 7, 2018
Category: Gay porn

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