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Seamus is dangled within a bicycle and his body is covered with clothespins. Seamus feels that the clothespins pinch contrary to his balls, chest and face before Van gladly whacks off them using his convenient harvest. Seamus feels the bite on his now callous body. How much more is that a he able to take?Seamus is bound and dangled upside down with fresh restraints. Seamus then feels the onslaught of Van’s cat of nine tails. The bite of this cat of nine tails leaves Seamus plead for relief, that will be given with a support of a great flogging.After some zapper torment, Seamus thinks that the worst is over. Van claims to stick a dildo in Seamus’ small hole, but shortly Seamus ass is stretched to the limit from the Bad-Dragon Dildo, also Seamus is mercilessly pummeled from the large pressure water arriving from from a nearby firehose. Van covers Seamus face with a pillow case earlier drenching Seamus with higher pressure water. Seamus then gets the opportunity to feel double the sting, as clothespins are reattached, and immediately tailed off with the hose. Seamus only relief is the opportunity to take his cum all on the moist floor.

From: 30minutesoftorment.com
Date: October 31, 2018
Category: Gay porn

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