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Keisha Grey is on the phone with her boyfriend who must work again, but Keisha is no sucker. She calls him out on it and knows something is up, hes been cheating on her and shed had enough. She breaks up with him hanging up the phone in disgust , although he attempts to defend himself. Chloe Cherry cant help hear recovering coming from Keishas room. She opens the doorway to find Keisha in tears. Having planned daily , Chloe suggests that because the day is young and that Keisha looks hot in her outfit, they spend it together and ought to take advantage of the afternoon. Lounging at the bath, the suds are taken in by them, as Chloe washes Keishas torso and plays with her tits a bit. Keisha cant aid but thank her to the day that they setup. Chloe gets lost in the moment and cant help but lean in know how to respond. She runs out apologizing for making a mistake. If Chloe belongs into her room to apologize for her behaviour, the truth is, she has a confession to make, shes a lesbian and she really likes Keisha. Keisha isnt sure what to say but the simple fact is, shes been with the very exact thoughts as Chloe. Chloe is a little worried because she doesnt need the friendship to get ruined but also relieved. Keisha isnt concerned. She informs her that it may only go up from here. They begin kissing themselves in each other arms.

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Date: April 9, 2019
Category: Face sitting

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