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SCENE 1Felony is held in strappado with hair bondage with leather, a cruel metallic piece gag, also an unforgiving forged metal restraint program. To improve her predicament she is made to balance in boots. This bitch deserves some reddish. We would like to see her battle. Her clothes are ripped off and nipple clamps added. For there is a vibrator inserted to make her position tolerable she has a reprieve. We would like to see the bondage is endured by her. Leather straps are inserted to the crop returns along with her breasts. A great cock on a rod is slid and trapped and also a reward has been got by her into her cunt with a leather strap. Including a vibratorwe expect to see her battle in the unkind metal because she cums.SCENE 2Increasing the challenge of this bliss, Felony is encased in a latex corset, latex thigh high stockings, high heels, along with latex opera length gloves. She is bound squatting along with her knees pried offered by leather restraints and fastened to metal poles. Her arms are all spread spacious with leather strapping on alloy and her head is encased with two gags. The noticeable is a clear face hugger head exploit. The next, an inflatable gag enlarging to her mouth, gagging her completely. We get to see the inflation. The cunt and asshole get the exact inflatable remedy – expanding and stretching her holes. We get to see her continuously tormented with the inflation and extending her orifices of all and then her tits and cunt flogged and caned. After paying the cost of pain, we expect to watch her burst to an incredible squirting orgasm.SCENE 3Finally we get to view Felony’s flexibility challenged. She is set up in a back breaking arch back using leather and alloy straps. Is watch that this bitch suffer with skewer clamps onto her tits. We want to see her battle more, although she doesn’t like it. Her cunt becomes its a very clear obstacle for her and flogged to breathe. With the purpose of cruelty she gets a no warm anal pogo. Back to flogging. She needs to make her reward like a fantastic slut. Another dildo is added to her cunt at a display of penetration. The vibrator yields and we get to see her cum in her most vulnerable and most contested. She speaks in tongues and explodes in awesome orgasms in a shoot that is not to be missed!

From: Devicebondage.com
Date: October 22, 2019
Stars: Felony
Category: Squirting

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