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Delirous Hunter believed she was interested in fetishes. She arrived at OT’s doorstep wearing a fancy leather collar and an outfit that screams, “FUCK ME!” She never discovered what OT was up to. He also has fetishes. These don’t just involve holding her down, but also sticking his dick into. What’s the point of that? Instead, OT will enjoy Delirous in different ways. It’s likely she’ll yell for mercy and swear that she’s not interested, but a glance between her legs reveals otherwise. The pussy is not a liar. The pussy never lies. Delirious is always wet and ready to listen. OT only has one request. When she accepts to be his slave, he’ll cease with whipping and caning. It doesn’t take much convincing to convince her. She doesn’t like spending time with OT. He makes sure she is well taken care of even though she’s in a locked cage. Although she may believe that metal bondage is her worst experience, she will be surprised when he lets her go. After her lengthy time in metal bondage, her muscles have become stiff and sore. With a bit of help from the rack, he’ll help her stretch.

From: infernalrestraints
Date: August 24, 2022
Category: Bdsm

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