Fresh Muscle: Leather Clad.. –


Parker Payne, a newcomer to Arad WinwinA’s dungeon, enters cautiously. Parker must remove all leather clothing and be ready for pain. Parker takes off all of his clothing to expose his black muscles. It’s time to worship AradA. Parker licks his domA boots as Arad brings the crop to Parker’s body. Parker Payne next is blindfolded and bound to the cross, with rope bondage completely restricted. Parker’s body is subject to the crop and cane. Parker’s chest, his legs, and his hard-core cock are all harmed. AradA loves the sound of pain screams. Parker screams when clothespins are applied all over him and then removed. Parker then is turned upside-down on the cross and suspended. Before Arad can inflict an undeserved blowjob on Parker, the flogger delivers a severe punishment. Arad restrains ParkerA and holds his head high, before pushing ParkerA to his limits with heavy weights. Then he fucks his tight sex. Before the pair unload their huge loads, Parker is given a brutal anal. As ParkerA gives Arad one final deep, throat-gagging blowjob, his face is covered with cum. This was all just dark fantasies?

From: boundgods
Date: October 2, 2022
Category: Domination

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