Gabriella’s Misery –


Distribute wide beneath a fuck box, her captor is met by the newbie. She feels the sting of his own flogger instantly. Her torments before exposing her naked body to allow us to see. Her clothes are ripped off, then more pain, then followed by cries, and the very first orgasm of this day.She is subsequently flipped with her ass high in the air and controlled by chains to hold her body down and buttocks. The pain comes with more shouts of distress. She experiences pain she has never felt, and today is uncertain that she is able to take. She struggles to free herself. Her asshole is violated and her pussy releases still another orgasm.This scene leaves her completely weak. She is bound by chains and leather into her wrists in a strappado a steel apparatus, which has her bent over, and her legs. There is a savage assault on her body with significant impact, nipple torment, and more mind blowing orgasms.

Date: July 23, 2020
Category: Submission

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