Gay Vacation –


Its holiday time for these two fans as they arrive at their luxury resort that is currently hosting a massive party that is homosexual . Andrew and sean start making out passionately letting their hands miracle all over each others bodies. They’re out to the balcony making outside whenever they feel the breeze from their bodies. Andrew is prepared to present his buff his cock deep inside and rock hard but first he eats it clear to get it’s nice and lubed up for his dick. Slow and constant that they take turns sucking, fucking and exploring one another. They’ve a party but first they flip flop and now Sean gets to fuck Andrewss ass. Sean has a thick big cock that he eases to that tight butt of Andrews. The passion between the two climaxes all. They rush out and go to the party to finish the night away, After done making candies sexy fun.

Date: February 2, 2020
Category: Hairy

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