Girl’s Night In –


Lisa Anns on Holiday.

Well, staycation. Shes still carrying her calls for a certain reason, and shes secretly furious if a customer wants up her. Lisa tells Kendra to ship her over If Kendra Lust calls her up to tell her that Lola is taking Massage classes. Clearly staycation’s anxiety is taking its toll, and then shell desire a girls night in to kick off those shoes and relax to her vacations. Lola is excited to get a new customer to practice , and she makes sure that things are set up for her. Kendra is a fantasy mommy, setting up methods to increase her step-daughters methods, and making sure shes tricking around with the perfect sort of mentors.Lisa freshens up to Lola, which makes sure shes looking great. Lola shows up at Lisas and knocks on the door, surprising Ms. Ann while she was trying to find the best book. Lisa shows her where shed love to be massaged. Lola cant aid but feel nervous when Lisa shows tight body and her delicate skin. Lola gets to work, helping Lisa gets her shouts from all of the strain of working at home on her vacation. They talk about several things, but when it becomes hushed we see Lola is admiring Ms. Anns beautiful physique, and getting a bit hot. Lisa informs Lola she needs to take her clothes off. Lola remembers what it was like when Lisa asked her to do something when she was younger. Ms. Anns way or the highway. Lola doesnt feel uneasy with this, and strips off her top and things just get hotter from there.Lisa is being stimulated by Lolas massage. Lola is reluctant at first, since Lisa is such a gorgeous woman. Lisa provides Lola a little of her power if she tells Lola that she wants to kiss her again. Lola cant refuse her, and soon they are learning things about one another that they never expected. They lick and suck one anothers wet pussies, and help each other attain orgasms that are so relaxing and so intense that theyre done they didnt help but lies inside each others arms and cuddle on the couch in their day glow. The night will be extreme, so any period of peace they could find is the ideal compliment.

Date: May 4, 2020
Stars: Lisa Ann / Lola Foxx
Category: Face sitting

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