Girls Weekend! A Lesbian.. –


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The wait for a part of those racy step mom and female drama is over. In part 1 we discover Darling and Ella captured and fucked by two lesbians that are sadistic. The story continues to unfold the sadistic lesbian create fist and Ella punish fuck her mommy and once the facts about Ella’s mother comes out! Ella breaks out for just enough time to call on one of her mother’s friends, Simone Sonay who arrives in the situation and can be turned out from the wicked cunts! Simone is humiliated, spanked and dual strap-on fucked from her very best friend and her friend’s daughter. The mommy’s are ass fucked and the daughter was designed to lick at the cocks clean of all the ass juice. They kick out them made, to fend for themselves from the city fucked and naked After the lesbians are with them!

Date: January 7, 2020
Category: Strapon

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