Good Enough to Eat –


Johnny Parker is lately 30 and his debut is allegedly made by this hairy hottie out of Arkansas . Johnny loves to maintain that body au natural for attempting to leave that sexy fur where it belongs, and people aint mad at him. Johnny, sporting a grin and a neatly trimmed beard is rockin a scruffy appearance that is sexy. Its complemented with a tattoo which sticks around his bicep. Hes not completed with it. He knows he would like to fill in his shoulder completely figure out. Tattoos are addicting. Johnny is only waiting to find the artist to make his even better. Johnny is recently partnered and that he lucked out finding a man just like the one hes always desired: a guy with short hairbit caked with lighter hair than his own; has a hairy bodyknows his way round the fitness center and also a all around great guy. Wow thats fairly specific cant fight destiny. Johnny is versatile in his sexual life, both on and off camera, and admits he adores the brand new jelqing experience. Porn is something he wanted to do; so hes gont get it done til he gets tired of doing it. Pfff!who actually gets tired of doing this? …A normal jokester that this one!Johnny comes home to discover the place a mess. He begins to clean up a little and begins picking things up off the floor. As he reaches beneath the couch he pulls a skin mag filled with young twinks with huge cocks out. As Johnny moves through it his cock starts to stir in his trousers. This can wait because he puts down the magazine and then strips down to his briefs. His cock is still rock hard and tenting his tighty-whiteys as he rubs his thick cock on its own cotton confines. He continues to look at the hot men playing with their boners and he cant help but haul out his very own. He strokes his penis finally giving his cock the attention. Johnny smiles as he delights his meat. He then gets comfy on the couch, pulling on the magazine as he proceeds to stroke his cock. Before slipping beyond it, his hand tugs. His fingers dart south making their way til they discover that hole. Johnny bites his lip as his palms breach his sphincter. His penis is throbbing as he plays and fingers that hole. His eyes roll back as he spreads people beefy thighs apart giving him access to this sweet spot. His fingers work that gap and start Mr. Parker to orbit. His eyes roll into the back of his mind because his balls pull tighter and release their freight. Johnny grunts because his load shoots after creamy jet hammering. Johnny assists himself and then dips his hands into the cream.

Date: January 14, 2020
Stars: Johnny Parker
Category: Gay porn

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